Saving St Just Miners' Chapel

Become one of our 20,000 Cornish Pards

Our mission is to preserve
St Just Miners' Chapel as a
place of worship and a
community centre for the
benefit of the public

Help us raise £2 million to secure the future of this iconic building

repairing and restoring the fabric of the buildings and graveyard including training apprentices in associated skills
increasing community use of the Chapel and Hall
developing a heritage centre on-line and in the Chapel

Keeping The Doors Open

St Just Miners' Chapel Appeal is sponsored by
The St Just And District Trust CIO
Charity Number 1168852
Supporting the culture and heritage of our local communities

Candle set in a miner's pick-head

a lighted candle is set in a miner's pick-head within a circle of blue represents

Light, shining out of our industrial past,
taken around the world by sons and daughters of this town

St Justers still call each other Pard

Pards worked together underground
They were partners. Many were
lifelong friends

Pards looked after each other

We invite you to become a
Cornish Pard and help us look after
St Just Miners' Chapel

Cornish Pards agree to give not less than £100 for at least one year

That's one cup of coffee a week!

Many thanks to our very first two Pards Emily & Michael at Webfooted Designs, for contributing this website.
Their generosity has played a large part in encouraging the Church Council to keep the doors open.

Other Supporters and Local Groups:
Old Cornwall Society
Cornwall County Archives
St Just Town Council
National Trust
Penwith Youth String Orchestra
Pendeen Silver Band
International Male Voice Choir Festival
St Just Free Church
St Just Parish Church

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The amazing new play Hireth, being performed at the St Just Miners' Chapel in November needs a voluntary community choir to be part of the performance. This is likely to be a costumed part and the ... See more

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"A quiet word in your ear, young lady"

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