Saving St Just Miners' Chapel

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Our mission is to preserve
St Just Miners' Chapel as a
place of worship and a
community centre for the
benefit of the public

Telling the Stories of St Justers and St Just

There is increasing interest in family histories and in the heritage of St Just.

We plan to celebrate the lives of our forebears, the history of St Just, our Welseyan and our mining heritage by developing an on-line archive in partnership with others.

Mapping the graves accurately and telling the stories of people buried here is part of our programme.

Displays, information, pamphlets, walks and talks are planned.

Two Major Anniversaries

275th Anniversary of Charles and John Wesley’s first visit to St Just.
“They addressed thousands of people here. It is truly a place of great significance to the birth of the Methodist movement in Cornwall”

100th Anniversary of the Levant Mine Disaster


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