Saving St Just Miners' Chapel

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Our mission is to preserve
St Just Miners' Chapel as a
place of worship and a
community centre for the
benefit of the public

Interior of the Chapel Showing the Organ

Why Call it St Just Miners’ Chapel?

Our Wesleyan Chapel was built in the heyday of Cornish mining when St Just was the trading and commercial centre of this rich industrial area.

We are appealing for funds for St Just Miners’ Chapel so that we may reach people of all faiths and none, just as the future of the Chapel depends on it serving not only the Wesleyan congregation but also people from all over the world as well as here.

“I rate this Chapel in the highest rank of all Cornish Methodist buildings.
It is in scale and architectural ambition one of the ‘cathedrals’ of Cornish dissent, so important to the county’s cultural history. But it has the edge over its rivals in status stakes because it is so viscerally and visibly connected to its mining landscape; the sheer grey mass of its silhouette in views of the little town and its coastal setting and the graves of the Levant miners in its churchyard, both speak so eloquently still.
It is simply the lodestone, irreplaceable, evocative, deeply moving.”

Peter Beacham OBE
Former English Heritage Protection Director