Saving St Just Miners' Chapel

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Our mission is to preserve
St Just Miners' Chapel as a
place of worship and a
community centre for the
benefit of the public

How We Will Spend the Money

Restoration of the Buildings and Graveyard

This is a God-given opportunity for the buildings and graveyard to serve the community with skills and trade training for future generations.

Once funds start flowing, skilled restoration and maintenance will be part of the life of the Chapel, just as they are for any great building.

Contractors will be taking on apprentices as a condition of the contract being awarded.

Bursaries will be available.

There is much to do. There will always be.

Welcoming People

The doors will be open every day.

A wondrous peace is to be found within the walls of this historic building, for people of all faiths and none. It is a place in which to sit, reflect, draw strength.

To encourage people to enter and stay a while we have an expanding programme of exhibitions, displays, concerts and performances throughout the year.

A café will soon be open in the hall.