St Just Miners' Chapel

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Why The Chapel is So Important

Built in 1833 St Just Miners’ Chapel is a Grade II* listed building of huge cultural, historical and spiritual significance.

For much of its existence it was the hub of the mining community in St Just and beyond. Important and rare architectural features are found within.

With its outstanding accoustics, the Chapel is a magnificent setting for music, from a single treble to a full-blooded Cornish Male Voice Choir, from a solo trumpet call to a thunderous paean from the magnificent organ soaring through the night air.

It is set within sight of the sea in possibly the most visually powerful, post-industrial landscape in Cornwall.

Amongst the graves, all of equal importance to their families, are 15 of the 31 Levant miners killed in the disastrous accident in 1919.

For many miners the Chapel was the last recognisable building in Cornwall they saw when they sailed to seek employment overseas.