St Just Miners' Chapel

A Place for inspiration, learning, community, faith and restoration

St Just Miners' Chapel Graveyard

How We Will Spend the Money

Restoration of the Buildings…

Like any great cathedral, the Chapel needs constant maintenance. It also needs some urgent repairs to the outside of the building.

… and Graveyards

The graveyards are gradually being restored to increase accessibility, including for wheelchairs. They are so often visited by descendants of the many miners who left this area to seek their fortunes overseas. They are visited daily by locals. It is a place of great tranquility.


The Chapel is the most amazing theatre, the ‘Globe of the West’ . It was built for music and the spoken word.

Its future lies in the creation of:

  • A centre of excellence for the teaching of organ and choral work
  • Venue for major theatrical productions
  • A heritage centre, telling the ‘story of St Just through its people’ by exhibitions, access to graveyard and databases and online