St Just Miners' Chapel

A Place for inspiration, learning, community, faith and restoration

Help us raise £2 million to secure the future of this iconic building

– Repairing and restoring the fabric of the buildings and graveyard
– Performing in song, music and drama
– Telling the story of St Just through its people
– Promoting training opportunities
– Use as a centre by our community

Keeping The Doors Open

St Just Miners' Chapel Charity Number 1180038
A Place for inspiration, learning, community, faith and restoration

Events and Activities for 2020 at the Miners’ Chapel Cancelled

What’s happening at the Miners’ Chapel?

Sadly, we have cancelled or postponed events and activities for March and April. Our programme for May and beyond depends on what advice we are given.

We are working from home. This includes fund raising, developing programmes and planning for the future.

For further updates keep an eye on our News section along with our Facebook page.

Candle set in a miner's pick-head

a lighted candle is set in a miner's pick-head within a circle of blue it represents

Light, shining out of our industrial past,
taken around the world by sons and daughters of this town

What People Say

"I love how much you do with this amazing building. Always a joy to visit." (Southampton)

"Incredible concert here." (Local)

"A really fascinating exhibition. Great to learn more about the history of St Just." (Local)

"I love the organ and I like the way you take care of the graves." (a Scout)

"Thank you for the warm welcome. A national treasure - signing up to be a Pard!" (Somerset)

St Justers still call each other Pard

Pards worked together underground
They were partners.
Many were lifelong friends

Pards looked after each other

We invite you to become a
Cornish Pard and help us look after
St Just Miners' Chapel

Cornish Pards agree to give not less than £100 for at least one year

That's one cup of coffee a week!

Many thanks to our very first two Pards Emily & Michael at Webfooted Designs, for contributing this website.
Their generosity has played a large part in encouraging the Church Council to keep the doors open.

Other Supporters and Local Groups:
Old Cornwall Society
Cornwall County Archives
St Just Town Council
National Trust
Halifax Organ Academy
Cape Cornwall Scout Group
Penwith Youth String Orchestra
Pendeen Silver Band
International Male Voice Choir Festival
St Just Free Church
St Just Parish Church

Please read this statement by Deborah Adam, mother of PC Andrew Harper.

Please share🚨 Statement released on behalf of Deborah Adlam, mother of PC Andrew Harper 🚨

“I’m Mum to PC Andrew Harper.

“My blue eyed rosy cheeked, funny and wonderful first born son.

“You have no idea how glad I am the trial has now finished. The results are what they are, and now we have to try and live the rest of our lives without Andrew and instead with a huge heavy weight in our broken hearts.

“I’m unable to explain the enormity of what I am feeling and struggling with since we were woken on 16th August 2019 with a knock on the door, 4.45am.

“Andrew was gone. Killed in the line of duty.

“Trying to accept this is a daily struggle and we have barely begun.

“The detail since then has been utterly dreadful and I do not think we will ever come to terms with it.

“My fit healthy happy brilliant son died purely because these boys chose to steal a quad bike. I personally have not seen, heard or felt a glimmer of any remorse. In fact, we have seen the opposite, with Long, Bowers and Cole repeatedly laughing and showing a complete lack of respect during the court proceedings.

“My family and I feel broken - can you imagine any of your loved ones suffering such a terrible end and with such indignity? The pain we now live with is endless, Andrew was literally ripped from our family while we slept.

“I often just wander round my house, not knowing what to do with myself - because I cannot do anything that helps. I have not been able to work for fear of breaking down. I hardly sleep, waking every hour or so every night, I have no motivation for even daily routine chores such as cooking a meal. It just all feels pointless. This is my new normal, my reality and I desperately fear losing my other son or my step-daughter. I’m told this is a natural reaction.

“All the excitement for Andrew’s future has been taken so cruelly away. He will never get to be called Daddy, and hold his own child, and we’d imagined there was a good chance that was not too far away in the future. Andrew has always loved children, since a young boy we have many photos with his big toothy grin, lovingly holding a baby niece or nephew.

“Andrew’s brother is trying to continue with his life in a way that he knows Andrew would want for him. They were best friends as well as brothers. They would holiday together and spend many hours bouncing off each other with laughter whether on the Xbox or rollerblading, and play fighting was always lively especially when they reached their twenties and it continued! My 6ft 5ins giants hitting each other hard while roaring with laughter! They just loved it. And I loved listening to them.

“I had to wake his brother that morning on the 16th August and tell him his brother was gone.

“Andrew’s younger step-sister has spent the last few months looking out for me despite losing her big brother. She looked up to him and adored him as did Andrew’s whole family including grandparents and Andrew’s step-dad among others. We will all now have to live with what has happened. This has caused a ripple effect which has had such a huge impact on so many of Andrew’s family members and friends.

“Andrew was such a good man. A brave and caring person, so funny and uplifting, whose actions have positively impacted many lives. I love and miss him dearly, daily and with every passing moment.

“The only thing I know for sure, is no matter what, Andrew will remain our pride and joy and will be loved forever. My heart may be broken but you will always be in the centre of it.

“I would like to thank the QC’s and Thames Valley Police force for the hard and endless hours of work to bring the case to court. It has been so difficult for many of you knowing what you do about what happened. I also say thank you to our Family Liaison Officers for helping me through some of the darkest days I have ever experienced. I don’t know how I would still be here without you.

“My tribute also is to all decent and brave serving officers who live their lives protecting others. In these challenging times for the Police, each of you belong to someone and I hope they get to keep you safe and sound. I am so proud of you all.

“To each of the officers and paramedics, and all who looked after Andrew in his last few moments and the days that followed. I thank you so much. You were there when he needed you the most and you were there for him. I hope you find peace and comfort in knowing this.

“Thank you as well to all the members of the public who have offered so much support and who continue to do so. I am so grateful that so many people have thought about Andrew and have taken the time to pay their respects to him. I have taken such a lot of comfort from this.

“Rest In Eternal Peace Andrew - please visit if you can 💙 Mum x.”

I missed autumn
I bowed my head for a while
When we lost you
And like autumn you were gone x
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St Just Miners' Chapel

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