St Just Miners' Chapel

A Place for inspiration, learning, community, faith and restoration

St Just Miners’ Chapel Charity

St Just Miners’ Chapel Charity is the name for the volunteers and supporters dedicated to ensuring that St Just Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Community Hall doors stay open for community benefit and as a space for performance, spiritual and cultural use.

Our website is currently being updated. 

Whilst we do this we wanted to keep you up to date with our most recent news and ask for your support.

last updated March 2024



St Just Miners' Chapel Charity would like to buy the Chapel and stop the risk of this iconic building losing its community, cultural and spiritual purpose. 


We need your help to raise £50,000


Assistance from grant funding organisations will be used to bolster your generous donations so we can reach our initial goal of £250,000.



With this support the Charity will be in a position to buy the buildings AND find the expertise and skills needed to plan for the Chapel’s future repair and restoration costs.

We will also have much needed resource to support our volunteers to keep the doors of the Chapel open for communities, musicians, performers, and audiences, welcoming them into this inspiring space.

Join us in our determination to keep the Chapel open for community, cultural and spiritual use

* Donate via our TotalGiving Appeal page or by pressing the donate button (and keep a look out for our fundraisers - we are planning something special)

** Follow our social channels, share this appeal. Find us on Facebook and Instagram

*** Spare a few hours a week to lend a helping hand with fundraising events and activities. Contact us to find out more.

Looking ahead to 2033 and the Chapels 200th anniversary


We are preparing for what we need to make sure the Chapel doors remain open and welcoming over the next 10 years. It is a big and complex task. To help us navigate this task we have a simple route map with 3 milestones that we need to reach. 


Milestone One -  where we are right now

Raise the funds to buy the buildings and get us prepared for Stage Two...

Milestone Two

Find gifted support and earned income streams to restore and repair the buildings. An important part of this will be to understand what renewable energy options we can use to help maintain and preserve the buildings, keeping costs down.

Milestone Three 

Understand what the Chapel means to our different audiences to ensure that the Chapel is useful and inspiring to a wide range of people, and transforms into a space where we all work collectively together to make things better for our community.

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